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"I'm not where I want to be yet, but I am farther than I thought I would be. I am excited for where I am going."

—  Tasha Lipsey,

Family Support Partner Client

How can we grow together?

Our Servuces
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ASK Family Services

Sharing Experiences, Strength & Hope








Our Mission

To empower families and youth who experience developmental or mental health challenges to use their voice to reduce stigma and achieve their potential to successfully participate in their community. 


Our Values

We value Integrity, Diversity, Empowerment, Partnership, and Empathy.


ASK Family Services:

Will be honest, ethical, and respectful with each other,

our families, our youth, and our community.


Is responsible and accountable for our actions.


Acts as a good steward of agency resources.


Focuses on services driven by families and youth.


Seeks, develops, and nurtures partnerships with families and local, state, and national organizations with similar missions.


Listens for understanding, so each person knows they are not alone.


Connects with families and youth through our own unique lived experiences by creating honest, emotional space to meet people where they are.


Promotes inclusion of people with diverse backgrounds and life experiences.


Fosters a community where equal opportunities are available.


Embraces the differences among us to strengthen the whole.


Encourages and practices resilience, seeking opportunities to learn and grow both personally and professionally.


Meet Our






Meet Our 







Learn more about our peer support and engagement services for families


Learn more about our peer support and engagement services for youth. 


Learn about upcoming events, trainings, and groups that ASK Family Services is involved with and offering.

Community Involvement

Are you ready to play a more active role in your community? Find out what is available for youth and families in Kalamazoo. 

Engaging in Self-Care

Growth is a lifelong journey with a lot of tender loving care. Here are different ways to engage in self-care.

Knowing your Resources

Knowing your resources takes time. Here is a list of resources we have found to be helpful for youth and families.

Learning Through Sharing Our Experiences

Ready to discover more?

Knowing where to start is often the hardest part. Luckily, our staff is composed of people who have been there. We are eager to share our stories and experiences with you with the hope that we can support you on your journey. To learn more about your available resources and FAQ's don't hesitate to click our discover button!

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