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Craving Connection

At the beginning of the quarantine, I was working for KPS from home. As a single person, living alone, I knew I needed to reach out for connection. I discovered a Facebook group for my neighborhood. Little did I know what taking that first step was going to mean for the future of myself and my family. I have two daughters, ages 16 and 24. That summer, my youngest flew out to spend three months with me and I ended up utilizing my own Family Support Partner from ASK. My daughter and I started baking together and sharing it with the neighborhood. When people started returning for more, I realized we were on to something. Every night, I would lay in bed and yell out business names to my daughter and they would get shot down, ending in laughter. At the end of the summer she returned to her dad’s and I continued baking. I came up with a business name and it is growing! Baking has become a joy and a bond that will continue to grow in my family. My oldest has been a strong support throughout the process, listening to ideas and giving feedback, building our website, and helping me take a realistic approach to business. Additionally, our experience last summer opened the door for me to apply at ASK and I have been working here just over two months. I absolutely love what I’m doing and it feels like everything finally fits together! Thank you to all of the staff for being so welcoming.

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