Family Care Coordinator 

Our Family Care Coordinator (FCC) provides services to families of children with mental health or developmental challenges, authorized through Integrated Services of Kalamazoo (Kalamazoo County’s public mental health authority). 


How does the Family Care Coordinator Assist Families?

  • Create and oversee an Individualized Plan of Service (IPOS) or Person Centered Plan (PCP) in partnership with the family and child

  • Work with the family and youth to complete a comprehensive assessment

  • Help with planning, linking, and coordinating of community resources and services

  • Assure the family gains access to needed health and dental services

  • Locate and apply for financial assistance, housing, employment, education, and other services as needed

  • Monitor all authorized services ongoing

  • Determine ongoing medical necessity using standardized measurement tools (CAFAS)

  • Ensure the services are adequate to meet the needs of those receiving services

  • Support the beneficiary’s dreams, goals, and desires for optimizing independence; promoting recovery; and assisting in the development and maintenance of natural supports

  • Collect satisfaction with services provided to the family

  • Identify and address service gaps while also assuring coordination with the beneficiary’s primary and other health care providers to assure continuity of care



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