Advocacy Services for Kids
Executive Director – Position Description

Services for Kids (ASK)

JOB TITLE: Executive Director

TIME/HOURS: Full time


WAGE/SALARY: $43,000 - $53,000 starting range (depending on qualifications)
BENEFITS: Health Insurance, Vacation and Personal Days
SUPERVISOR: Board of Directors

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of five years experience in management; or Master’s Degree in mental health related field.

PURPOSE: The Executive Director is responsible for the overall leadership, planning and management of all operations and resources of ASK, in accordance with the strategic direction, mission, vision, ends and policies set by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director ensures the progress and development of the organization’s programs and the supervision of all staff members. The responsibility for all the financial transactions necessary to meet the operative needs of the organization rests with this position. In carrying out the responsibilities of the position, the Executive Director maintains a collaborative and responsible relationship with the Board of Directors.

Key Competencies
  1. Communicates clearly, succinctly, and persuasively in a variety of settings and styles, both verbal and written, for desired effect.
  2. Looks ahead, anticipates future consequences and trends accurately, envisions credible future possibilities; keeps the organization oriented toward the future.
  3. Perceives what is critical; spends his/her time and the time of others on what’s important and avoids what is trivial; focuses on solving problems.
  4. Can cultivate and maintain relationships with foundations, corporations, government agencies, and individuals; can maneuver through complex political situations effectively; anticipates problem areas and involves others in solving them; has sensitivity to how people and organizations work.
  5. Accurately gauges length and difficulty of tasks and projects; sets goals and priorities; breaks down work into process steps; adjusts; measures progress; evaluates results.
  6. Can cope with change; can maintain focus when situations become ambiguous and unclear; able to handle risk and uncertainty.
  7. Displays creativity; comes up with new and unique ideas; makes connections among previously unrelated notions; adds value to discussions and decision-making in variety of settings.
  8. Is trusted; seen as trustworthy; admits mistakes; seeks good of all, rather than personal gain.
  9. Understands nonprofit financial data and can prepare usable and understandable budgets and reports.
  10. Comfortable making sound decisions in order to complete projects timely and effectively.
  11. Understands program evaluation and believes in the power of evaluation and capacity building to strengthen the agency.
  12. Can encourage, inspire, and empower others who work with the agency in achieving the mission.
  13. Familiar with Medicaid billing.

Job Responsibilities

EXTERNAL – 50% - Provides leadership to
fundraising, public relations, public policy, advocacy and community
collaboration efforts.
  • Serves as the chief spokesperson for the organization, interpreting ASK’s purpose and programs to the public. Ensures that relationships with families, donors, volunteers, and the community-at-large are handled in a positive manner consistent with agency values, mission, and strategic objectives.
  • Develops and maintains working relationships with other community organizations and service providers, public agencies and private corporations to inform them about ASK and promote ASK’s mission.
  • Pursues opportunities to speak to service clubs, religious groups, and other community and regional organizations to educate the public about children’s mental health and to solicit support for ASK’s program impact.
  • Attends all meetings (or designates a representative) that are required or would be advantageous in the operation or promotion of ASK and/or children’s mental health.
  • Oversees the appropriate promotion, acknowledgement, and recognition of volunteers and donors.
  • Develops and maintains quarterly newsletter.
  • Promotes and maintains an ongoing working relationship with the local and area media.

INTERNAL Management – 30%

I. Financial – Develops appropriate annual
and longer-term financial objectives, and prudently manages the organization’s
resources within those budget guidelines according to current laws and
regulations, leading the organization in achievement of financial goals.

  • Develops the annual budget in accordance with priorities set by the Board of Directors.
  • Prepares grant proposals and reports to foundations, the United Way, Community Mental Health agencies, and other funding sources.
  • Investigates and negotiates with other appropriate funding sources on behalf of ASK.
  • Oversees the day-to-day financial affairs of the ASK organization and reports regularly to the Board.
  • Cultivates new grants and contracts that support and grow ASK’s financial resources and strengthen its financial position.

II. Personnel
Management – Attracts, develops, motivates, and retains high quality members of
the staff and volunteers, organizing them to optimize achievement of short and
long-term organization objectives. Effectively manages the human resources of
the organization according to authorized personnel policies and procedures that
fully conform to current laws and regulations.

  • Hires, rewards, disciplines, terminates, and sets the remuneration of all ASK employees, except for him/herself, in accordance with policy and/or approved budgets.
  • Implements policies set by the Board of Directors, including personnel policies and procedures.
  • Works with Board appointed personnel committee on staffing needs, job analysis, job descriptions, personnel policies, practices and salaries.
  • Ensures overall staff supervision and evaluation that leads to a high-performing organization.
  • Develops goals and objectives with staff.
  • Promotes a good working atmosphere for all ASK employees.
  • Implements appropriate personnel training and development that ensures qualified human resources necessary for the achievement of ASK’s mission, goals, and objectives.
  • Ensures overall management of volunteerism.
  • Establishes and maintains procedures for efficient handling of the office.

III. Programs – Oversees design, marketing, promotion, delivery, evaluation, and
quality of programs, products and services.

  • Oversees the development of new programs, including needs identification, review of best practices, resource development, staffing patterns, and recruitment for said programs.
  • Oversees the regular evaluation of existing programs to determine efficiencies, inadequacies, performance, staffing pattern changes, and on-going needs of programs.
  • Assigns tasks and staff to programs, integrating the work of the agency to ensure quality service delivery to all families.

INTERNAL Strategic Leadership – 20%

I. Board Support – Provides support and
information to the Board of Directors to ensure ASK’s mission, vision, and
goals are achieved.

  • Assists Board of Directors in setting ASK’s statement of vision, mission, and goals, and the corresponding strategies, plans, and budgets to achieve them, including fund development goals.
  • Reviews approved plans and budgets as part of the annual planning and budgeting cycle and presents recommendations to the Board of Directors and/or the appropriate committee.
  • Develops and provides appropriate policy recommendations for consideration by the Board.
  • Assists in the selection, orientation, and evaluation of Board members.
  • Informs the Board members of development opportunities
  • Ensures strong relationships with the Board of Directors by keeping the chair and members fully informed on all aspects of the status and development of ASK.
  • Serves as an interface between the Board of Directors and the staff.
  • Prepares the necessary reports and statistics as required and other data requested by the Board of Directors.
  • Assists Board-appointed committee chairs in setting up, planning and conducting committee meetings and planned board activities.
II. Planning – Provides strategic vision
and direction for the organization, leading the development and implementation
of long-term strategies to meet needs and objectives of all stakeholders.
  • Ensures that strategic plans are aligned with ASK’s broader objectives and mission.
  • Serves as the primary operations planner, setting goals and objectives and developing projections of needs and funding. Ensures that work plans are reasonable, aggressive, and in keeping with annual objectives.
  • Holds staff and outside consultants accountable to the strategic and tactical work plans. 
  • Facilitates the budget development process through the negotiation of operational plans, workgroup goals, revenue projections, cash flow requirements, and profit and reserve objectives.  Provides direction for new, mid-year opportunities and negotiates course corrections as needed.
  • Drives improvements to ASK’s structure, processes and systems that promise broad organizational impact. 
  • Makes certain that the methods, systems, and frequency of communication among staff members are sufficient to guarantee that work tasks are completed with a high level of quality, and a minimum of confusion and stress.
  • Provides regular communication, coaching, and support for key projects, within ASK and externally. Ensures that win-win agreements are established for major projects, and that affected staff members have an opportunity to participate in the project development. Assists in defining leadership roles. Evaluates individual and workgroup efforts. Encourages teams to maximize performance

Please send a cover letter and a
resume to Advocacy Services for Kids via email, mail or fax:

Advocacy Services for Kids

216 Balch Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49001
Email: mail@askforkids.org
Fax: (269) 978-0287
Phone: 269-343-5896
Accepting qualified resumes until
position is filled.

is an equal opportunity employer.


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